Getting Started

Let the CrossFit Adventure Begin!
At Track Town CrossFit we want you to be successful and have fun.  In order to ensure you gain the most out of our classes and knowledge, we need to know about your current fitness level.  To do that, we’ll start by walking you through a skills evaluation.

Track Town CrossFit Skills Evaluation
Before joining the Track Town CrossFit community each person will be evaluated on their current fitness level by one of our trainers.  Don’t worry…this is not a test! This is to ensure proper exercise technique and give you the best possible experience for your CrossFit adventure.  The skills evaluation also acts as an introduction to the CrossFit world of exercise equipment, types of exercise movements, and the Track Town staff.  The evaluation is simple, informative, and fun.  A CrossFit Level 1 Trainer will instruct you on some common exercises that you’ll see in a Workout of the Day (WOD).  After the evaluation, a CrossFit trainer will explain what classes are best for you and why; you’ll either start WOD classes or CrossFit Fundamentals classes.  The first three weeks of a new routine are always the hardest and we want to make sure you have the tools to succeed from the get go.

Contact us NOW to start your new adventure..

CrossFit Fundamentals Class
The CrossFit Fundamentals Course is a 12 session class focused on helping you learn the fundamentals of CrossFit.  We’ll cover proper weightlifting technique, mobility, muscular balance, nutrition, and a pace your workout intensity.  The number of participants in these classes is limited so you get personalized instruction on technique. During each class, one of our CrossFit trainers will go over 2-3 exercises and teach you the key components of specific elements. After learning the basics of those exercises you will perform a workout using your new skills. Our staff at Track Town CrossFit believes that results are dependent on proper biomechanics and training. We will help you develop awareness of your body so that you know how to move correctly and safely. After completing the 12 session CrossFit Fundamentals Class, you will have the basic tools, knowledge, and mindset to take part in the WOD classes.

Workout of the Day (WOD) Classes
WOD classes are group sessions where a Track Town CrossFit trainer demonstrates exercise technique and other components of the WOD.  After the trainer goes through technical exercises and explains the components of the WOD, it’s 3-2-1 GO! Prior to going into our strength and WOD each class will spend roughly 15 minutes working on mobility/stretching , and a general warm-up. We understand everybody is different in their strengths and weaknesses so each class can be scaled to varying abilities.

Open Gym
Open gym is a time where you can come in to work on enhancing your Olympic lifting technique, work on weak points, and/or do the workout of the day. Our CrossFit Level 1 Trainers will be here to help you work on whatever you’d like during this time.

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